Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Days

Birthdays as a kid were always fun and my fondest memories of childhood were birthdays. I had a different cake every year- and the design of the cake almost always reflected my whim of that moment. Looking back at photographs, the center of all birthdays would always be the cake and I would never fail to order my cake from an uncle's bakery at Sunset Way called the Balmoral Bakery. Months before my birthday, I would start thinking of the kinds of designs I wanted for my cake. I would doodle endlessly and daydream about the perfect cake and then bug Mom to order it for me- to my specifications.

The Balmoral Bakery is a traditional, old school bakery that does cakes and pastries which are a strong reminder of the types of treats I grew up on. The sad thing for me is that such bakeries are few and far between now as most disappear with the passing of a generation.

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